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2M Teens Addicted to the Internet in China

china net 52The Chinese economy is showing a steep rise day by day. MMORPG play is also gearing up as the BB is dispersing among the gamers. The MMORPG is the factor contributing significantly to the total revenue as online population for the yesteryear is 132M. Now you can imagine the total revenue generated by the web users per year.

The most attention-grabbing fact is the no. of teen internet users that contributes more than half to the total net users i.e. 18.3 million, out of which 2 million are hard core users or you can say addicted.

The results driven from the survey shows that the age group of internet users falls between 15-20 year and most of them are male users and 15% of them need urgent help.

The study also shows that the excessive internet practice is distracting the mainstream goal of teen gamers as they are more passionate towards internet inspiring them to execute violent and illegitimate actions.

The total growth in Chinese online games market has been filed 73%, last year and that is sure that the figures will get squared in next five years.

Via: cnn

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