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Afrika: From Japan to NA PlayStations soon


Japanese have been allowed access to rhino asses for far too long I say. It is time that Afrika moves on to other destinations. On cue is therefore Natsume’s announcement that PS3’s photography-oriented title Afrika will soon be coming to North American shores. Afrika has been developed by Rhino Studios and has been doing the rounds in Japan since last August. Afrika is a realistic brother of Pokémon Snap, wherein instead of shooting some imaginary fuzz-balls, you take a camera into the wilds of Africa. You don the shoes of a budding journalist and will be given instructions at the base camp of which animal to find and shoot. Thereafter you roam around and use the Sixaxis’ motion controller to aim the camera and click. Earn money, depending on the quality that you muster, and upgrade your cameras. Afrika has three different modes to play. More details on these and release date as soon as they come out.

Via: shacknews

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