BattleForge client now on the house


From a strategic price reduction to completely free (albeit with conditions), BattleForge has been all action these past months. EA and Phenomic’s card-based RTS-MMO is now a Play4Free title. So feel free to download it and enjoy. The title, which was previously priced at about 30 bucks, is now available for cipher. The BattleForge free client gives players access to a complete game, including all areas, scenarios, and community features; as also all updates announced since release. The free version will give players access to two decks of cards; in all 32 of the 200 that are available. To unlock rest of the cards players must purchase Booster Packs or bid in the Auction House. This, of course, requires players to forge some points together first and level up in PvE (level 4) and PvP (level 10). Head to the official page for details and free client.

Via: strategyinformer