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BattleForge quite appealing at $29.99

With a new trailer and a massive price-cut we have suddenly acquired a taste for those loud battle cries. BattleForge at $49.99 didn’t sound a good recommendation, but at $29.99 it is competitive and almost a good deal. To explain the backdrop for this change of heart here is game’s producer Michael Krach:

There has never been a better time to get into the action on BattleForge.

And he says this because EA has decided to competitively price its RTS offering BattleForge, and has decided to slash price by as much as 20 bucks. For $29.99 players can get access to the game, which is replete with four readymade faction decks; each of these carrying the mark of one of the elements in the game: Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow. Players will also get 3000 BattleForge points if they part with their cash. They can use these points to buy themselves some new cards as part of the booster packs (up to 12 new ones), each of which costs 250 points. Already salivating at the new price? Well, you’d still do well to check out a free demo on the site first.


Via: kotaku

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