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Beat your boss in the game

kingdom hearts ii1

Are not boss battles an immensely important part of some of the greatest games like Metal Gear Solid and God of War? Clive Thompson after playing Kingdom Hearts II has realized that bosses are among the most cherished tropes in gaming. The question here is, does anyone of us really like pushover bosses? I presume all have developed some love hate relationship with the intriguing boss battles.

But one thing is sure, bosses must be unique. Not just a three story tall gray monstrosity or more powerful versions than you but also it should have something unpredictable that should take you by big surprise. Something which changes the way you think and play, something which bounds you to adapt the game fast.

So, how to win over them? At first they will seem impossible, but like all mortal stuff in the world they will give you incremental clues to weaken them.

This article is an excellent take on thrills and chills of video game boss battles.


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