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BioShock sets record on MetaCritic, BioShock 2 around the corner

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BioShock – in fact, I must say daddy of’em all falling in category of action RPGa, FPS, and survival horror genre, has made its debut last month on alleged platforms (Xbox360 & PC), and 2k has started reaping saccharine fruits of its empirical exercise as the game has set a new milestone with becoming the fastest title to surpass 1 million downloaded demos on Xbox Live Marketplace. Not only that, the game has secured the top rank with being rated highest on the reputed site (a site that aggregates review scores from various leading videogame publications and websites). in the wake of high sales, 2K has managed to ship more than 1.5 million copies of the game following its launch in late August, worldwide.

All aforesaid terrific stats apparently show that the game is what gamers across the world had been waiting for so long. Certainly, duo-milestone set by BioShock is like 2K’s dreams came true. Perceiving positive market response, the officials are happy and want this triumphant spell to last long.
What is the next big thing that one can expect at high time? Yes! You got it right – a sequel to the original title. Commenting on high success of the game, 2K officials said that they are indebted to the gamers for making BioShock a successful title and hinted at BioShock becoming a long-term ‘franchise’ on a roughly 2 year interval. Evidently, we can see ‘BioShock 2‘ coming sometime in 2009.

Reports coming from Australia and Spain confirm 2K’s BioShock the top seed, but UK market is still being overruled by Medal of Honor: Airborne rules as it holds first place, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 second and BioShock slips to third.
Apart from this, 2K informed that Rockstar’s LA Noire and Beaterator have slipped off the fiscal 2008 calendar; however declined to mention new launch dates.

Via: Gamasutra

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