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Blizzard announces StarCraft II Trilogy

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Blizzard has officially announced that StartCraft II will be released as a Trilogy. Instead of being a single game with limited and small campaigns for each race, StarCraft II will be released in a way that each of three releases target one race at a time. Blizzard’s VP of Game Development, Rob Pardo says that this will allow for more elaborate campaigns for each race. There’s no word on release dates but three expansion packs will be following chronological order; Wings of Liberty (Terran), Heart of the Swarm (Zerg), and Legacy of the Void (Protoss).

This has surprised the gaming community across the globe and I bet that avid fans of StarCraft will be even more eager to get their hands on the first installment of the game. Blizzard has not revealed any info regarding the date of release, price and multiplayer capabilities of the game but we’ll keep you updated in case Blizzard plans to shell out anymore info about the trilogy.

Via: wired

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