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Blogosphere today on Xbox 360

Chris Anderson in his blog analyses on what’s up and what’s down in mainstream entertainment and media, has predicted that the declining videogame industry will pick up this Christmas owing to the mega launch of Xbox 360.

Collin does a review of the Xbox 360 in his blog quoting AnandTech

Erikbianchi writes that he can’t just wait for the Xbox launch party. He says that he is a HUGE gaming fan. Catch his enthusiasm here.

games-chart writes about how Microsoft is expecting a solid debut for Xbox 360 along with other reviews and stories. Read all that it has to say here.

gahete has posted some really amazing shots of the Xbox 360 blades. Don’t miss clicking here to have a glimpse of those shots.

LifeTime Gamer writes the prices if the Xbox 360 games are outrageous. See what he has to write about what else can go wrong after Sony withdrawing its CDs that have the rootkit on them. Makes very educative reading. Check it here.

Zack writes that the Xbox 360 is superbly designed in Damned Machines. Read his complete blog here.

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