Capcom Europe auctioning FightStick for a noble cause

133529 stick small

At last Brit gamers have a chance to do some social good. And this chance comes in the guise of a gaming auction that’s sure to please them all the while. Capcom Europe is auctioning Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition FightStick, a version that’s been customized with a magnificent ink drawing of Ryu, courtesy Dave White. Of course it looks drop-dead gorgeous and sleek, and is also promised to be (what else?) unique. To participate in the bidding, presupposing that you live in the UK, just send in the bid amount to iheartdavewhite [at] The deadline ends on June 16, after which Capcom will e-mail the highest bidder. Proceeds of the bid will go to Shelter, an organization dedicated to end homelessness across the UK. Gaming for a noble cause: now if that doesn’t get positive publicity nothing ever will. And if the tag of Good Samaritan does not interest you, you could always head to eBay. Not that we condone it.

Via: destructoid