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Devil May Cry 4 to scream at Xbox 360!

dmc4 52
The countdown for Capcom’s PS3 exclusive action title Devil May Cry 4 has not yet ended and a new speculation has been surfaced saying that the title is no more sticking to its guns and is likely to soar onto Xbox360.

The reliability of the news is a bit more because the information has been busted by official PlayStation magazine and hence the trustworthiness.

The diversion of one more PS3 exclusive title towards xbxo360 is surely making Sony’s ache more sever as Capcom as well is extending its affectionate hand towards Microsoft.

However, all you heard is a rumor, but the question to ponder is how the new arrival would influence the sales of Xbox360 or vise-versa. One thing is for sure that due to the good sales of Xbox360 (as Xbox360 has already been diffused in the gamers across the world , DMC 4 will show a notch up in its sales since no one’s gonna shell out huge $400 or more for a single game title.

Via: ps3fanboy

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