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Fallout 3’s DLC ‘The Pitt’ is broken, fix likely ‘today’

the pitt

Okay, this I actually saw coming. I mean Fallout 3 wasn’t completely error-free so why would one expect anything less of its DLC? No offence to the developers but could Bethesda have tried just a little harder? Anyway the expansion that hit the web for Fallout 3 yesterday seems to be jam packed with glitches; the English version that is. The problem that was actually reported was about a corrupted file of some sorts. However the outcomes are numerous: screwed up graphics, missing textures, giant exclamation marks, and even the dreaded ‘freezes.’ The forums over at Bethesda have got a few complaints to say the least. I even saw a guy asking if he’d be compensated for the errors in The Pitt. Yeah right! Anyway the forum has been updated and the official word is that The Pitt might be up today on Xbox Live Marketplace. Here is the quote:

Our team is doing some final checks late tonight and if everything looks okay, we are hopeful it will be back up and available tomorrow.

So in this case if you were lucky enough not to have downloaded it better get 800 MS Points ($8) ready. Or not, whatever!

Via: vg247

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