Hip-Hop game Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party coming to Wii

February 3, 2007

After brining a lot of success to Nintendo, the music game DDR is likely to stomp Nintendo’s Wii with hits heavy rhythmic beats. Even, the game is said to be responsible for the wait loose of the gamers i.e. the gamers are loosing their wait while playing dance game.

Now the game developer Konami is developing another dance game named Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party that is due for launch sometime before 2007 end.

But this time the title is planning to visit Nintendo’s next-gen platform Wii. The Wii title needs some peripherals including a dance mat, a Wii-mote and Nunchuck to make you sweat hard with moving all your body parts.

Some multiplayer mode is also associated with new game that allows multiplay up to three players.

How did you feel after going through video clip, pinned below? Send in your experience…..!

Via: nintendowiifanboy

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