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How to make the best gaming mouse pad ever!

best gaming mouse pad
I have come across this amazing piece of info by Paul Stamatiou on a very basic thing – the mouse pad. It gives a step by step guide on how to make a fantastic mouse pad that costs – err… almost nothing at all. What’s more, the mouse pad will glide just as smoothly as it did when you first bought it. In Paul’s own words it will be ‘the smoothest gliding mouse/mouse pad combo known to man’.

Whokay! Now let’s see how to make it.

The essentials:

i. A mouse (obviously)
ii. A square of regular wax paper (size of the pad depends upon you)
iii. Cello-tape
iv. A desk worthy of this mouse pad desk *heh*
v. 2 minutes of your precious time.

The act:

Cut the waxpaper to the size you wish to use and lay it flat on the area where you want to use it. Apply the cello-tape as straight as you can to one side. Eventually you would need to tape all the sides so it doesn’t flex during quick 180-degree turns. Then use your other hand to constantly tug at the loose end while you tape the remaining sides.


Before laying your mouse on the waxpaper mouse pad, flip the mouse over and clean the under surface. Otherwise, you risk scratching or even tearing the waxpaper.

Thanks Paul

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