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Microsoft to launch Sidewinder mouse in Japan

Microsoft plans to launch its tailor-made mouse Sidewinder providing ultimate gaming solutions in Japan. The users will be able to customize the mouse with every game they play using the elevated softwares, adjustable or flexible accessories and technologies instilled within it. Intended to be used with Microsoft Windows, SideWinder can also be used with MAC and Linux platforms as well.

The SideWinder mouse has provided a perfect solution to all the avid gamers across Japan. There is a group of three buttons present below the scroll wheel and one can set it ranging from 200 to 2000 dpi. It comes equipped with gamepads, joysticks and steering wheels to serve the users with a superb gaming experience with this multi-functional mouse. A cable anchor and a special accessories storage box come with the SideWinder mouse which gives the wireless experience with the presence of wires and easy cable configurations. The mouse can weigh upto 30g of weight and the weight cartridge slips into the left side of the mouse. SideWinder’s family includes SideWinder Game Voice System and SideWinder Strategic Commander.

SideWinder is made to provide with excellent technology in hand and is very easy-to-handle with easy adaptable features. One can use this first LCD display on a gaming platform for a mouse used for macro recording and DPI settings to adjust the screen to avoid screen interference in and during the game play.

SideWinder is supposed to hit the Japan’s IT market by December 7th and the suggested retail price would be 74000 KRW (Rs2960 for Indian Market).

Via: Aving

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