Namco introduces new dynamic Character ‘Leo’ in Tekken 6

February 19, 2007

Just two days ago the known game publisher Namco Bandai kicked off the new exclusive demo video for Tekken 6 that is waiting for its launch date to be announced, since the launch date for title has not yet been slated. I think you remember mine post for Tekken 6 site that I did on Feb 17th. A trailer was also launched by the game publisher and now it comes with some more rocking details about new character called Leo.

leo 52
leo 1 52

However, the newly introduced character appears quite potent but what I find in new character is its identity that everyone would get a bit confused. Anyway, the character is a big he and looks awesome while doing his job. Zafina is another new comer that the new Tekken edition gives rise to.

Via: siliconera

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