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Nintendo announces 4 new VC Classics today

How fun it seems when old games titles are playable on the new console without having to set any collaboration between old and new one. Really a great experience!! The conceptually works on the Virtual Console program to which Nintendo has brought some more radiant additions that are out today for access.

4newvctitles 52

Nintendo has announced four more titles for VC lineup as per four new additions every Monday. Today’s add-ups include:

Donkey Kong Jr. (NES)

Victory Run (TurboGrafx16)

Columns (Sega Genesis)

Ristar (Sega Genesis)

The titles you can purchase for 500($5), 600 ($6) and 800 ($8) Wii points respectively; in a nutshell you can buy 2000 Wii points for just 20$.

Donkey Kong Jr. and Columns both come with 2-players capability while Victory Run and Ristar are mono-player titles.

Nintendo assures 30 new Virtual Console games till end of this calendar year, though no title has been announced yet for 2007.

A new wield-ecstasy is going to take place every Monday. Many more Mondays are still to come up and we will keep you up with hot releases. So stay tunned…..!!


Via: thewiire

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