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Nintendo feeling easy with Id Software games, now!

orcsandelves 52Id Software seems to be the strict follower of the conclusion drawn by few market assessors that says the portable platforms are the future of video-games. So keeping the thing in mind, I think the games developer id Software is thinking of bringing Orcs and Elves onto the Nintendo DS.

Previously, the game has splashed its magic over cell phones.

The sodality is no doubt a bit bizarre, as all you know and digitalbattle also described in its post that id Software used to hold not very pleasant relations with Nintendo due to development of ultra-violent games on the part of id Software, and that time Nintendo used to be more a family oriented game developer.

But, now with the change of time, the ideology of Nintendo has also changed with gamers’ as well and innovative technology like Wii-mote will enhance the feasibility of portable game as well as title.

Via: digitalbattle

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