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Nintendo gasping hard in Japan!

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As the time is fleeting, Nintendo’s well celebrated next-gen console, Wii is coming to its true color. Few days early, the sound measuring test that suggests Wii is the most noise producing console of all three. Now there is another flaw found in the operating system.

Bendz, over younewb was able to find a breakdown in Wii console. The user writes that first of all it has just 512MBs of flash memory and rest it owes from GameCube memory card. And secondly, while playing any GameCube game over your Wii it loses its sense and literally behaves like GameCube rather than working in its own way.

That’s going to be a big obstacle in the way of VC lineup degrading the worth of VC tiles.

Simultaneously, the performance of Nintendo’s latest Zelda title in Japan is getting gloomy as the sales comparison between Twilit Princess and Wii-Sports suggests the Zelda sales facing severe crisis.

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The reason behind such an escapee tendency for the Zelda titles in Japan could be vanishing interest of Japanese gamers in traditional games.

Whatever be the reason, Nintendo would have to take instant initiatives to steady its ship in highly volatile video-game market.

Via: younewb

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