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Nintendo registers 5 million DS sales in Japan

nintendo dsAfter Nintendo’s launch in last December (that’s merely 13 months) the Nintendo Co Ltd sold 5 million units in Japan. This is considered as the fastest sell in Japan video game history, Nintendo spokesperson informed. The closest to come is Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance (14 months) and Sony’s Play Station (17 months).

Nintendo’s president is delighted with the performance. He said to achieve and maintain this rapid momentum, they had not only reached to frequent game players, but to not so frequent gamers who had left games and also to make video games a memorable experience for those who had not played games at all.

Simon Carless writes in gamasutra

Though some broadening of the market may have occurred in the U.S. with Nintendogs’ launch, it’s not yet clear whether the DS is pushing toward a similarly mainstream success, with a closer battle with the PSP in effect in North American and Europe. However, the Brain Training games, scheduled for release in the West in 2006, should help divine whether Nintendo’s mainstreaming strategies also hold some sway outside Japan.


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