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Pac-man learns real life lessons!

If you thought Japan had exclusive rights to go bonkers over video games then be prepared for some enlightenment. Also prepare for some knock-out funny stuff as Pac-man takes it to a French supermarket, golf course and pool club (one after the other) and learns some real life lessons. Rémi Gaillard, the well-known French comic, dons a yellow suit and is chased around by ghosts in a real-life rendition of Pac-man. You’ll see Rémi wreak havoc as he goes waka-waka-waka in a supermarket. He’s out to grab power-ups to kick some ghost-ass, but these are no match for a real golf club swung hard. Enough with the jabber, now stream some laugh out loud moments.

Watch out for: 1.00. Real-world lesson referred to above.

Via: rightwingvideo

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