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PlayStation 3: Don’t just game, blog too!

playstation 3 for video bloggingThis is hot news actually. Sony’s upcoming next-gen console, the PlayStation S3, will have a ‘blog-like’ function in its free ‘PlayStation World’ online network!

This function will allow you to share and view bulletins on your ‘buddy lists’. Video journals (that sounds suspiciously like video blogs) can be recorded using the Eye Toy camera and made available for friends on PS3′s network.

By using a the upcoming PSP 2, video or images can be captured and sent to your PS3. What’s more, you can also view your buddy’s PS 3 content on your PSP.

Gaming Bits say that the May Issue of PSM is likely to have much more information and we can expect some more on this from E3 in coming May.

Now tell us folks, what do you think of this?

Via: Gaming Bits. Thanks!

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