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Portable Xbox 360!!

portable xbox 360

If you are a hardcore-gamer who feels pathetic at the idea of leaving your Xbox 360 at home whenever you need to go-out, then you might be looking for some thing like this Portable Steel Case, spotted on GadgetsOnTheGo, that fits in an Xbox 360, a small LCD TV, the power brick and two controllers to allow Xbox 360 gaming on the go. Though, this portable Xbox case does not appeals with its looks and the fact that it does not comes with any other facility..maybe a charging facility or something like that, but it sure is the closest to portable. The bad news is that the site reports, it is still a prototype, so…for now, you can just think of grabbing one, once it arrives in the market. No, information of the manufacturing company could be had..but, will keep you posted!

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