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REVIEW: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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I never had expected that a game with single player mode could be such exhilarating. All my conceptions came to an end as I played Bethesda Softworks‘ The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Through this game, Bethesda had raised the RPG standard to new heights. Overwhelming album of options, numerous lands to explore and fatal monsters, this all is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that we’d been waiting for.

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Game Plot

You have had experienced a lot of pleasure in prior Elder Scrolls series, and there were lot of quests that were left incomplete in various stages. But the new iteration in the Elder Scrolls series promises it to complete with joining the groups that seems much like in Morrowind.

Over 20 quests going in a go, and over 200 hours of nerve straining gameplay is not an ordinary task to achieve.

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Emperor Uriel Septim VII, Emperor in power visits his palace prison escorted by built bodyguards to escape through a secret exit. Through conversation with the main character, the emperor relates that assassins later revealed to be a part of a Daedric cult known as the Mythic Dawn, have killed Uriel’s three sons and are now aiming him. He is then led off into the catacombs beneath the palace.

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At the end of the catacombs, the protagonist meets up with the guards and Septim again, and they are quickly overwhelmed by assassins, which results in the player taking on the task of guarding the Emperor while the surviving Blades engage the enemy. While awaiting the result, Uriel entrusts the protagonist with the Amulet of Kings, a special amulet that can only be worn by those of the Septim bloodline, and orders him/her to take it to a man named Jauffre. Immediately afterwards an assassin ambushes and kills the emperor before being defeated. The surviving guard, Baurus questions the protagonist, and explains that Jauffre is the Grandmaster of the Blades, and can be found at Weynon Priory, near the city of Chorrol. The protagonist then leaves the sewers and begins his journey in the land of Tamriel; it is the player’s choice to either follow these orders or go his or her own way.

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In such a way, the rage starts and you go on playing with excellent Xbox360 controller skills. The game plays out like any normal FPS, but the game can also be played in Third Person view as well. However, the game freezes up occasionally when played for a long time, but the game sounds excellent, overall.

ESRB Rating
: M

Price: $49.99


Graphics: awesome

Audio: quite comparable to graphics, more than enough to burst your ears.

Gameplay quite captivating with a quite healthy lasting appeal


Sometimes hang up (during long gaming session)


The game developer Bethesda has very sophisticatedly overcome the previous obstacles and glitches that it uncounted in its prequel. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is all that what a RPG looks for (even after having no multiplayer mode). Oblivion is an outstanding example of inventive RPG.

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