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Rumor: Wii Fit Plus at E3


For your daily dose from the grapevine we have a little piece of hearsay about Wii Fit Plus. Macquarie Research believes that Nintendo will be going all out at this year’s E3 and will show off Wii Fit Plus. It goes on further to claim that the title will be sold both with and without the Balance Board. Macquarie Research says that Nintendo will “learn earn its lessons from last year and provide more gamer-centric announcements at E3”. Its report goes on to say that no price cuts are expected for the Wii hardware. With net abuzz with news (or rumors, whichever way you like) of Nintendo having trademarked “Wii Fit Plus,” at least one of the predictions seems to have caught everybody’s fancy. Daring? Hardly!

As far as predictions regarding other companies are concerned, Macquarie Research believes Sony will finally show off PSP Go! with a price that’s above that of the current model. For Microsoft it is speculated that a new camera – one that interacts with the Xbox 360 without a controller – might be on. Read more here.

Via: 1up

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