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Sneakers from Metal Gear Solid – kinda!

metal gear solid inspired sneakers

Games tend to inspire a lot of stuff. For the detractors it usually takes form of shoot-outs and stupid stunts, for the average gamers though it usually takes the form of “inspired” products that bear very little resemblance to the actual game and yet which demand urgent parting with money. Continuing the trend, here’s a pair of sneakers that are “inspired” by the hit title Metal Gear Solid. Even if I fail to see any connection between the game and shoes, Sneakers and Snake fit quite well. I mean you couldn’t quite manage that much of stealth without a good pair on your feet, right? So don’t look for any logos or characters to remind you of the game but do look for noiseless tread across the turf. Selling on ebay for $69.99. And yes, the bid’s about to end.


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