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Software Companies using Games as an Advertising Medium

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Playing games has always been my passion and I love unlocking some cheats and also some special powers that are otherwise hidden deep inside the code of the game.

Now software companies are getting more imaginative and they are hiding ads deep inside the codes of the games that are released as a special power.

Companies are using this medium for advertise their products to those who have stopped watching TV and are always on their game console.

They are also charging dollars for providing more and more equipment to the virtual you. This has also lead to a resistance from the gamers as they are already paying more than $60 for a good title.

This is also one of the best medium for promotion as the gamers after seeing the ad in the game are tempted towards the company that provides some additional powers to the virtual avatar of the player.

But the purist gamers see this as a negative tactic that can ruin the game. But still the kids find it good as they see this as some unexpected thing in the game.

Cheats were already present in the games but now the game industry has started thinking about using these cheats as an advertising platform.

According to the developers there are two main types of gamers one who just want to play and the second one who has to explore each and every bit of the game. Such promotional ads are there to appeal to him.

Fans also comment that cheats bring the interest back into the game as otherwise playing the same game for more time makes them bored but this way they are able to get attached to the game as each cheat brings more interest for the game.

Moreover the use of cheats also makes the life and the game easier and more and more gamers rely on cheats for some difficult games…!

Via: redorbit

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