SoulCalibur IV officially coming to Xbox360, PS3

Much rumored Soul Calibur IV has got an official recommendation as the game developer Namco Bandai has released the hot new teaser of the new iteration in the series. The teaser features beautiful intrepid female character armed with mystic bow with a bow on the stretched string and a fitness freak holding a sword in his hand.
scivlogo 52
The game is currently confirmed for two next-gen platforms, Xbox360 and PS3. The game shows the new character models with excellent fighting finesses. The game is slated for launch over both the futuristic platforms in 2008.

The game is transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold, it’s not me who sounds like this but the teaser reveals it all. The story revolves around Soul Edge and Soulcalibur; two awakened swords and the warriors that have been drawn to them slowly heads towards its inevitable conclusion.

The game is going to be a great next-gen hit as it sees its launch over stated consoles. However, the game hasn’t yet been announced for Wii, but the speculations are surfacing in favor. Therefore, the game is not all about fierce man and vigorous female, there are so many things that the new Soulcalibur brings with it.

Via: gamepro