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Stargate Worlds – New MMO game in the making

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Stargate fans are in luck, as a new PC release is in development, called Stargate Worlds. The MMO game is being developed by Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. G4TV‘s X-Play team got a chance to test out the Pre-Alpha version, which eventually debuted on television. From initial appearances, the game really does look like it is still incomplete. However, faith is not lost because this seems to be the first game of its kinda, and it is a pre-alpha. X-Play was also able to get interviews with some of the top heads at the company. Information will be posted soon about it. Otherwise, you can check out Stargate Worlds for more info about the game. Users can interact with community members and also apply to try out the beta version of the game.

I do not know much about the Stargate series, so commenting on the realism of the game to the series, would be a bit unfair. However the game looks relatively decent, and like many new developments, we have to wait for more official versions to come out (i.e. Betas and Pre Releases) to really be able to make a better decision. Keep your eye out for developments.

Via: Playerz Blog

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