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Stronglhold Kingdoms: A ‘castle-based MMO’ announced


Firefly is up to its Stronghold tricks again. This time the franchise takes shape of what Firefly Studios describes as “the world’s first castle-based MMO”. Stronghold Kingdoms is a MMORTS that’s set in (where else?) medieval world. Players can play any number of characters as they start from a humble peasant and try to promote their character to a king. Simon Bradbury, Firefly’s founder, said on Eurogamer:

We are in a closed alpha today and will be launching a much bigger beta towards the end of this year. Any MMO – even a different one like ours – takes time to brew up, as I’m sure you know. So that time frame puts us at about 60 per cent complete!

Apparently, he’s aiming for “early 2010” release.

Stronghold Kingdoms will take the usual menu of activities – pillaging, farming, exploring, diplomacy, researching, voting, trading, banqueting, fighting – and garnish it with everything in the name of strategic. Players may merrily raise sheep or attack their neighbors as they vie for coveted titles of “Besieger of the Month” or “Apple farmer of the Day”. Needless to say Firefly is promising rigorous maintenance of stats online. The company is self-funding the entire project so a lot is riding on these castles. Official page here.

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