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Take care of the baby to win that mobile game

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The gaming industry is making a shift. From fighter planes and racing tracks the games are moving homewards. Are the gaming gurus feeling homesick or is it an attempt to attract even those women who considered themselves as perfect housewives, for whom playing those action packed games was simply out of the question.

The newest of games like Come on Baby and Cooking Mama, which are soon to hit the US mobile phones are centered around dealing with an infant. The player is supposed to feed the baby, make him sleep and also change his diapers. Now…don’t think that this is an all gals game.

The catch in this game that keep even the men hooked to it is buxom Tiffany, the leading character in the game. It is this sexy lass who has this nursery and the player has to work up to turn her nursery into a “five star baby motel. So all those who have already got warmed up with the story of Tiffany…download your games here and have fun!

Via: Guardian/ Kotaku

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