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Tetris soap is cut out for gamers

tetris soap 1

With hands busy with controllers all the time, merrily thumbing about, I wonder if gamers take time to wash them at all. But in the eventuality that they do decide to do so, why must they delve into a real world and use a normal soap? This simply won’t do. That’s why I personally recommend these cute little Tetris soaps. Block-shaped and multi-colored these pieces just beg to be fit in your cleanliness routine. The set weighs more than 8 ounces and brings the scent of berry fruit fragrance oil. Available for $10 a set from Digital Soaps, Tetris Soaps are perfect for gamers stuck in the virtual world of Nintendo. Or, if you are one for PlayStation, you’d do extremely well to lay hands on Playstation controller soap (pictured after jump). This blue one weighs 3.75-4 ounces and is available for $5.25.

ps soap

Via: geeky-gadgets

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