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The Beatles: Rock Band on shelves this September

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Hey Jude, wait for September; because that’s the month when The Beatles are slated to appear on the successful musical franchise Rock Band. That’s right, a “celebration of the music and artistry of The Beatles,” The Beatles: Rock Band has chosen 09/09/09 to go live on 360, PS3 and Wii simultaneously, as announced by MTV, Harmonix and Apple Corps. yesterday. The Beatles: Rock Band would be a rebirth of the franchise with special instruments fashioned after those used by the band’s members throughout their carriers. Fans would be allowed a pick of guitar, bass, drums or mike and enjoy a gameplay taking them through the band’s legendary career. The Beatles: Rock Band would be sold as standalone game ($59.99), standalone guitars ($99.99) or even a limited edition bundle ($249.99). The game is supposed to be compatible with existing Rock Band- and other music-based games’ – peripherals. Giles Martin is onboard for the music of the game, which would be distributed by Electronic Arts. More information about the game would flow in over the course of coming months. What is known currently is that exclusive content would be shipped along with pre-orders of the game. Register on the official page for a reminder when pre-ordering begins.

Via: Kotaku

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