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The Elder Scrolls lives on…as novels

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With Fallout being such hoopla that it is, The Elder Scrolls seems to be a forgotten chapter. Bethesda, it seems, hasn’t given up on its amazingly successful franchise. It has decided to take Elder Scrolls to print, and has entered into an agreement with NYT’s acclaimed author Gregory Keyes – one who worked magic with bestselling Babylon 5 Psi Corps and The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone – to pen The Elder Scrolls novels. At present two novels have been commissioned, and the first one of these, The Infernal City is set immediately after the events of Oblivion and will come out this fall, courtesy publishers Del Ray. The Infernal City will track the life of two protagonists: a 17-year-old girl named Annaig and the young son of the emperor named Prince Attrebus, both of whom are out to investigate the origins of a flying city that’s wreaking havoc on the landscape of Tamriel. The books would be nothing new for the fans of the franchise. The latest installments of the series had a lot of material to read on the rich heritage of the Elder Scrolls’ universe. And so it seems the saga will continue.

Via: gamespot

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