[Update] Bioshock SecuROM removed

June 20, 2008

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The recent article I had written was correct to an extent. Although there is some clarification needed. 2K Games didn’t remove the software, rather they edited it so that the installation limit was gone. Basically this is the same effect but here is what community manager Elizabeth Tobey had to say;

Our other methods of copy protection remain. You will still have to activate your copy, and you will still need to keep the disc in the drive. SecuROM has not been removed–just the activation limits on number of installs and number of computers you can install BioShock on simultaneously.

This is still a win for gamers because it allows you not to have to deal with the stress of removing the game for a reformat or other reasons. I believe we can all live with having to activate our game and keeping the disc in the drive, although, Atari sure doesn’t believe so.

2K is really doing everything they can to improve support, and gamer relationship. Tobey had this last promise to say;

If we ever stop supporting BioShock [online activation servers], we will release a patch so that the game is still playable.

Thanks 2K, you are really an idol to us all. You surpass all other companies with your gracious conduct. Lets hope we will see some of the same from EA and Atari.


Via: ShackNews

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