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UT3 on PS3 to offer mouse & keyboard controls

unreal tournament 3
Epic’s VP Mark Rein over at Epic Games forums has revealed that with adequate Sixaxis controls, Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 will support keyboard and mouse peripherals as well. The new feature would be carefully implemented with a host of options.

However, the game plays wonderful with Sixaxis, but with multi-peripheral compatibility feature, players will have an opportunity to make the appropriate choice i.e. either to use keyboard and mouse or PS3 controller or both.

Although, cross platform play is tentative yet, still keyboard and mouse support for the PS3 evidently hints possibilities of taking on the PC gamers in various levels in different playable modes.

Unreal Tournament 3 is Epic’s new FPS to the Unreal series that was launched somewhat nine years back in 1998. According to the publisher, the game will be console-exclusive to PS3 this year.

Furthermore, Rein has affirmed a ‘mod support’ in the works, hence we can hope similar peripheral support to the Xbox360 version as well, when it launches next year.
unreal tournament 3 1
Unreal Tournament 3 is scheduled for launch in November for PS3 and PC.

Via: Ps3fanboy

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