Wii grabs most sales in the console market, yet again

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Wii users would know why their favorite console has always been the best selling product in the gaming world from a long time. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when market tracking firm NPD group reveals that Nintendo Wii remains the best selling product with 555,000 Wii systems sold in the month of July alone. Playstation sold a mere 224,900 and Xbox an even more disappointing 204,800 units in the month of July. The reasons could be the better game choices available on the Wii and it is a known fact that July is a hard month for hardware sellers as sales usually drop. The fact that sales have been so good this time indicates a robust market for the Wii in 2008. If Sony and Microsoft see this as a problem, they might end up slashing their consoles’ prices to face the competition. The console war might take a different turn with this revelation of Wii doing so well.

Via: USAToday