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Wii Madden NFL 08 likely to play online

The latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine confirms some American football goodness for this fall season. Dog-fighting, big, accurate foot kick, fantastic catch, power back; these are few weapons that makes you a frontrunner. The thing that everybody knows about Madden NFL 08 is its availability over Wii with Xbox360 and PS3, but what mag tries to educate is the Wii game coming with online play.

madden nfl 08 52

Yes! The game will feature online gameplay which translates leaderboards, lobbys, and full online play. You will be able to view your own profile in the shape of Mii avatar.

Brett Favre will be ruling the field as you maneuver him nattily using his perfect ‘Cannon Arm’ making him through the ball to the farthest end of ground with greater pace.

madden nfl 08 2 52

Madden NFL 08 is first amongst all Madden games to give an online support on any Nintendo console. The game is expected to release on August 14th, this year.

However, EA has not yet commented on the report; we will keep you posted as EA makes any.

Via: wii-volution

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