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Will Zelda be able to carry-on Bliss?

zelda n 52The Wii went on sale in US and Canada on 19th Nov. and good results are coming out for Nintendo. However Nintendo officials have not let-out the details on total no. of consoles transaction within all these days after a successful launch in both US as well as Canada.

The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess offered a rich show in Canada with approximately equal no of Zelda copies sold out with each Wii console. All the gaming-bizz are waiting for the Nintendo officials’ announcement about the no. of consoles sold in Canada to guess the no of Zelda titles sold. As the title has done a pretty nice job in Canada, the title critics are saying the title will not be able to sustain the show for long.

As the first title was revealed by Nintendo around two decades ago in 1987 and until now around eleven titles have been added to the same lineup. Within all these two decades around 47 million of the copies have been sod out and now the new addition in the same lineup has a tendency to do something stupendous.

Jamil Moledina, executive director of the Game Developers Conference favoring both the title as well as console says that Nintendo has a great opportunity to boost gaming market shares. The Exe. Director appreciates the Wii-mote with motion sensing technology and says the remote gives you perfect moves in sword attacks while playing Zelda title.

Even the critics are describing it as a prefect title amongst all existing Zelda titles.

Scroll down to watch the Princess in action.

Via: reuters

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