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Wireless bass guitar for Guitar Hero, Rock Band

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Ant Commandos have just released a bass guitar for Guitar Hero: Rock Band. They have addressed one of the main problems with the game but have left a few things out. Although the neck is shorter, you can’t strum with 2 fingers. But there is another guitar out there that allows you to strum with two fingers and that is Mad Catz version. It has a short neck along with the availability of strumming with two fingers. The price is also pretty competitive with each other. Each of them cost $69. The PS2/3 is already available and ready to buy for your game. Ant Commandos specializes in making cheaper versions of video game accessories for the consumer’s benefit.

The Widow Maker also uses a 2.4GHz radio connectivity instead of a inferred system. This makes so you can’t lose connection as easily. But the one thing I really like about it is the design. The design is sleek and looks really professional. Of course, I wouldn’t just buy it for the design, but it is truly a good buy and all gamers should consider this product in replacing the included.

Via: Gizmodo1, theantcommandos

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